Executive Chef Job Profile

The Executive Chef serves as the head chef. Duties include developing recipes and menus for all food operations, introducing new food products, setting culinary goals and kitchen quality standards, overseeing food production, and motivating and leading kitchen staff. Responsibilities include managing the kitchen employees as well as directing the preparation of all meals at Claudia's Steakhouse. The Executive Chef reports to the General Manager and is responsible for culinary instructions to all kitchen staff.  

Duties and Responsibilities

Executive chef job duties and responsibilities include the following;

  • Training and managing all kitchen staff
  • Supervising and coordinating culinary activities
  • Estimating the food consumption
  • Making food purchases and requisitions
  • Developing and selecting the recipes 
  • Standardizing the production of recipes so as to ensure the customers are offered quality at all times
  • Establishing the techniques of food presentation
  • Establishing food quality standards
  • Planning and pricing the menus
  • Ensuring that all kitchen equipment works and is maintained properly
  • Ensuring the kitchen is always safe and sanitary
  • Deciding on the food portions to be served

Skills and Specifications

Executive chef job skills and specifications include:

  • A love and a passion for food plus a good sense of taste and smell
  • Ability to work in a work environment that is diverse
  • Good customer service
  • Works well under pressure
  • Good attention to detail
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent management and organizational skills

Education and Qualifications

Candidate must have a passion for food and cooking, extensive hands-on experience in food, and knowledge of labor management and inventory control . A bachelor’s degree in restaurant management is desirable with over 8 years experience in culinary management.

Apply to this job by sending us an email at careers@adamsrestaurantgroup.com.

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